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It is beneficial to hire a local Boise process server as they know the local landscape, courts, and procedures. Having an intimate knowledge of Boise's communities can aid in providing successful process service. ServeNow's local process servers in Boise provide an advantage to your legal case!

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Idaho Civil Procedure Regulations

Even though a process server in Idaho does not have to be licensed, it is still important that you hire a professional process server as they are handling sensitive legal documents. Process servers in Boise must be 18 years or older and not a party to the case. However, consider asking your process server their success rate and their knowledge level of relevant state laws.

It is important that your hire a qualified process server so that your legal case is not delayed in court due to improper service.

Why a professional process server?

Initially, it may seem like a good idea to hire the cheapest process serving agency in the region. However, low price can often mean low quality. Don't risk compromising your case by hiring any process server. Make sure they have the skills to properly serve the defendant.

ServeNow makes it easy to find local and qualified process servers becuase we screen and verify their legitimacy for you!

Modern Service

Local, professional, and qualified process service are not the only qualities to look for when hiring a process server. Legal technology is advancing and can provide a better customer experience. Ask your process server if they can provide status updates and GPS locates of serve attempts. ServeManager is a process service softare technology that provides these features that can be useful for both the server and the client!

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